I aspire to help Christian women, including moms and teachers, confidently navigate and walk in the will of God, while simultaneously empowering the next generation to follow suit academically and spiritually.

  • 10+ years in education
  • Experienced Educational Consultant
    • Helped hundreds of K-5 teachers & dozens of homeschool parents
  • K-5 Curriculum Specialist for 5+ years
    • Teaching & Learning Administrator
  • Former Title I Teacher
    • TOTY finalist
  • Through strategic planning & professional development, improved a Title I school from a D rated school to a B rated school

Aja McNair, the Anointed Visionary behind Anointed Living Ministries and Everything Aja LLC, is a multifaceted individual dedicated to empowering Christians through her diverse talents. In her multifaceted role as an Anointed Visionary, Speaker, Author, Screenplay Writer, Education Consultant, and Spiritual Guide, Aja McNair exemplifies a holistic approach to ministry, addressing both the intellectual and spiritual needs of others. 

In addition to her impactful roles as a Christian Speaker, Author, and Screenplay Writer, Aja McNair serves as an Education Consultant, focusing on elementary stakeholders, including homeschool parents. Recognizing the significance of education in shaping young minds, she has taken on the role of guiding and supporting Christian parents and educators in their journey. With over a decade of experience in education, Aja's commitment to education is further evidenced by the creation of her own phonics curriculum tailored for struggling 2nd-5th grade children, reflecting her dedication to ensuring every child has the tools needed for academic success.

Aja McNair's influence extends beyond the academic realm as she has authored a self-published book titled "The 90-Day Prayer Journal." This resource is designed to assist disciples in deepening their relationship with Jesus Christ. Through the pages of this journal, Aja provides a structured framework for individuals to engage in intentional and reflective prayer, fostering spiritual growth and a closer connection to their faith.

Her tireless efforts reflect a genuine commitment to empowering individuals at every stage of life on their spiritual journey. Her Holy Spirit-led sermons, available on the Anointed Living Ministries YouTube channel every weekday morning, serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for those seeking a deeper connection with their individuals to live out their God-given purpose, Aja McNair exemplifies a dedicated servant of Christ, using her gifts to enrich the lives of others and contribute to the spiritual growth of the Christian community.

Beyond her roles in ministry, Aja McNair is committed to bridging biblical principles with everyday life. She passionately assists Christian disciples in applying these principles to navigate the challenges of modern existence. A unique aspect of her mission involves supporting Christian educators and parents in nurturing the next generation. Aja recognizes the importance of literacy in shaping young minds and, as such, actively helps teachers and parents equip children with essential reading skills.

In her pursuit of empowering individuals to live out their God-given purpose, Aja McNair exemplifies a dedicated servant of Christ, using her gifts to enrich the lives of others and contribute to the spiritual growth of the Christian community.


Guiding and supporting Christian women in discovering God's purpose for their lives, while empowering the next generation academically, emotionally, and spiritually, fostering a legacy of excellence and compassion.

Envisioning a world where we strategically walk in God's anointing power, empowering the next generation through purposeful living and transformative leadership.

I never forget being in my 7th grade class, filled with anxiety because I was horrified of reading aloud because I didn’t know the words on the page. I remember my mom always telling me “Sound it Out”. She never knew that that was taunting simply because I was trying to sound it out, but I just didn’t know how. I became a math girl because that was the only enjoyable topic in school, and I started creating my own methods of reading and comprehending that allowed me to graduate with honors.

Eventually, I received my first full-time public-school teaching position in 5th grade. I was so excited about that I completely overlooked that it was a 100% title one school. This meant I was pretty much in a building filled with all low performing students. Long behold, my second year teaching I had 44 total students in my fifth-grade classroom. The highest reading level was second grade. So, all my students were either reading on a kindergarten, first grade, or second grade reading level. The first week of school I looked around and all I could see was little miniature versions of me. Like “little mes” everywhere. All these kids were just struggling. Year after year, after being passed along here they were in 5th grade and none of them knew how to read a grade level text. I was terrified and I knew at that moment that it had to be me. I had to stand up and face a system designed to just pass kids instead of going the extra mile to close the learning gap.

I'll never forget the moment where we were at a faculty meeting towards the end of the year and my assistant principal and principal pulled me in front of everybody and told me that every single one of my students, I mean 100% of them, passed the state standardized test. I was in shock, they were in shock, everybody in the school was in shock because last August those babies were reading 3+ grade levels behind and now they passed the state standardized test for 5th grade. That is when I knew.

I knew in my heart that it was bigger than me. It was bigger than that classroom. It was bigger than my school. I was up against a system. A system where little mini versions of myself were crying out for change. That's what led me to where I am today. That's what led me to creating a program that allows teaching to be easy and fun. A program designed to not only help little versions of myself love to learn and read, but also help the young teacher version of myself enjoy the freedom of teaching reading without the anxiety and stress that I went through.

  • Educational Specialist degree in Educational Leadership                  
    • 4.0 GPA from the University of West Georgia
  • Masters degree in Early Childhood Education 
    • 4.0 GPA from the University of West Georgia
  • Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education 
    • Magna Cum Laude from the University of West Georgia
  • Reading Endorsement
  • Orton-Gillingham certified (phonics)
  • Certified in diagnosing and correcting reading &  mathematics practices 

90 Day One-on-One Coaching

Embark on a transformative journey with one-on-one personalized coaching services, offering unwavering support, guidance, and accountability. Tailored to your unique goals and aspirations, this intensive coaching experience ensures personal and professional growth. Aja's expertise and personalized approach provide the tools and strategies needed to overcome challenges, achieve breakthroughs, and realize your full potential.


Professional Development

Comprehensive Professional Development (PD) that transcends traditional boundaries. Specializing in transforming stakeholders, including teachers, administrators, and parents, Aja's expertise focuses on improving student's reading achievement through data-driven PD in curriculum planning and reading best practices. Invest in the future of your students by partnering with an expert who is dedicated to driving positive and measurable outcomes with a unique blend of expertise and coaching,.


VIP DAY (One-on-One)

An exclusive opportunity tailored to fill critical gaps. This unique personalized experience is meticulously designed to offer you unparalleled clarity, guidance, and confidence. Whether you're seeking strategic insights for your instruction, business, or personal life, this VIP Day is a concentrated dose of empowerment, ensuring you leave with everything you need  to propel you towards success.


Teaching by Design Membership

Implement a reading system that is guaranteed to prevent burnout with teaching reading. TBD includes a self-study course with a proven framework to prevent burnout with standard-based lessons + 2 monthly support calls + monthly professional development trainings to help you master reading best practices.


Book Aja for a Speaking Arrangement

Whether it's an event, conference, or workshop, unlock the power of inspiration and purpose by booking Aja for your next speaking engagement. With a unique blend of wisdom, passion, and relatability, Aja delivers transformative messages that resonate with audiences, leaving a lasting impact and a once in a lifetime memory for all stakeholders involved.


Phonics Syllable Boot Camp Course

Teach any 2nd - 5th grader how to decode unknown words through explicit and systematic phonics instruction using the science of reading technique of syllable division to break down words into syllables with only 15 minutes a day and all the tools and resources you need to be successful