Upgrade Your Planning System NOW!

To the OVERWHELMED elementary teacher (or homeschool mom) who wants to help their struggling reading children while still avoiding teacher burnout:

streamline your reading instruction

+ Increase reading achievement

+ Streamline your planning systems

+ Gain confidence in your literacy instruction


You're dreaming of a classroom that runs like a well-oiled machine. One that's simple & engaging with high performing students.


You want to leverage your time and energy, work smarter, not harder, and build a classroom that you love & enjoy.


You are trying your best balancing all the aspects in your reading block, but you know that you need step-by-step guidance.

➥ Your constantly receiving new initiatives from administration, and you're on the verge of being burned out
➥ Your classroom is filled with students reading below grade level
➥ You frequently feel confused or stuck because you don't know how to help them
➥ When teaching reading, you feel like you're "doing it wrong"
 You're overwhelmed & just want teaching to be simple & enjoyable
➥ You spend hours per week looking up lessons that never fit your needs
➥  Your building lacks resources, and you have exhausted all your time & energy

I get it.

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You're ready to help your students read and comprehend while helping yourself maintain a healthy work-life balance but you keep making the #1 mistake that will cost you!

I've been where you are.

I was a Title I teacher working in a building that lacked resources. I was constantly feeling like I was on an island all by myself trying to help my children succeed. I had an entire classroom of fifth graders who were reading 3+ years behind grade level. I was doing my best taking on all the new initiatives set by my administration and was on the edge of being completely burned out.


I started looking around...

➤ Constantly looking at other teachers and thinking "How do they do it all? 

➤ Taking shortcuts like movies & worksheets because I just needed a moment to regroup.

➤ Procrastinating and saying, "I'll do better tomorrow".

Days becomes weeks, weeks become months, and the next thing you know, an even BIGGER learning gap formed all because I didn't take action.

Don't be me.


Or worse!

You try to do what you know from childhood, so in order to help improve achievement, you have the "Give MORE mentality".

You try more worksheets, more activities, and more homework.

... And they still JUST DON'T GET IT!

I'm here to tell you that when you do this, you risk leaving students completely confused and overwhelmed.  

And I'm here to tell you that an overwhelmed mind does NOT succeed.

All this extra "work" you provided, simply just wasted even more time.

That’s like trying to fill a leaky bucket with more water!


I know there can be a lot of questions and confusion around how to actually improve reading achievement in students who are behind grade level. If you don't have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some critical mistakes, lose momentum, and never end up implementing real change resulting in an even bigger learning gap

Without guidance and support, it can be difficult for you to make any real change at all!

This is where I step in!

SIMPLICITY & CLARITY on What to Teach, When to Teach and How to Teach it
High READING GROWTH in Students that Actually Surpass their Goals
A Bank of Lessons & Activities that Encourage Optimal    ENGAGEMENT
A Weekly Lesson Planning System that SAVES HOURS 
Effective Reading   Professional Development at your Fingertips
Schedules, Routines, & Management Tools Allowing You to be STRESS-FREE

And Being Supported along the journey by a professional!


 The only all-inclusive program that streamlines your reading instruction by supporting you with all the tools and resources needed to teach struggling readers all 5 components of reading without every experiencing teaching burnout.

teach smarter, not harder  -  BEYOND JUST STRUCTURED LITERACY

 Teaching by Design™️ allows you to teach all 5 Components of Reading (Phonological Awareness, Phonics, Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary & Fluency) with a rinse & repeat system that allows you to create engaging structured literacy lessons in minutes that will make your children fall in love with reading.

With Teaching by Design, you can:


Homeschool Preschool Mom

“reading predictable text and modeling reading behavior!"

"My favorite result is STORYTIME - we do it every night and she sits for it. Before working with Aja, we specifically struggled with Storytime/reading aloud to our daughter. She is very active and did not want to sit for long periods of time. Storytime has turned into multiple books per night as well as her reading predictable text and modeling reading behavior.”


“Before working with Aja, we struggled with assessing her and knowing what things she should be learning. We were struggling with how to bridge the gap between virtual pre-school and the parent's part of the education process. We also struggled with how to use all of the educational tools we had (apps, flash cards, etc.)."


Now, Our daughter will bring her learning materials to us at times because she wants to do work. Her language skills have improved tremendously. She can express herself better.”

And then there's the K-5 Special Education Teacher  Who took her differentiation to the next level...

"I have designated times to teach new skills, review old skills, and allow opportunities for my students to master skills. This was the game changer for me.”

“Before, I had a schedule that I used from the internet. However, I was constantly searching for more time. I always felt like it just wasn’t enough time.

Now, I save time and feel confident with my new schedule and my bank of ready-made hands-on activities.

Learning how to motivate my students with disabilities was yet another game changer for me. I was able to implement engaging activities as well as rewards. This kept my students going when we were facing exhaustions. The good thing is most of the activities and rewards Aja showed me don’t cost anything!

K-5 Special Needs Teacher

Teaching by Design is the ONLY program of its kind that...

➤ Gives you a step-by-step guide on creating an effective reading environment

➤ Guides you on what to teach, when to teach, & how to teach

Offers monthly support calls with additional monthly trainings & monthly bonuses

➤ Provides you with all the plug-&-play templates + fill-in-the-blank scripts that you'll ever need to make creating lessons SIMPLE and FUN!

Your life before Teaching by Design:

  • You feel too overwhelmed 

  • You feel like there's never enough time

  • You frequently feel frustrated and get stuck 

  • Your children are reading grade levels behind

  • Your children HATE when it's time to teach reading
  • You have too many or not enough resources, so you stick to what you know

Your life after Teaching by Design:

  • Teaching reading is stress-free

  • You have a healthy work/life balance  

  • You know what, when & how to teach standards

  • You finally experience the freedom that comes with being prepared 

  • Your children exceed their academic goals

  • Your children LOVE reading

SEE what's waiting for you inside THe COURSE…

Detailed Trainings & Fill-in-the-Blank Templates for your Teaching Makeover!


The Secret to Getting Rid of Roadblocks & Maximizing Instructional Time so That You Can Be Stress-Free

Before we can give you a teaching makeover, we need to audit & set up effective teaching systems such as schedules, routines, and so much more.

Module 2: Revealing the Secret to Automaticity

The Single Most Important Factor to making Reading Run on Autopilot so you can take back your time

You will be introduced to the key factors of engagement and learn how to use these factors in your reading lessons. You will also start creating your own library of read aloud lesson plans in minutes.

MODULE 3: Discovering Backwards Design Teaching

Uncovering the Secrets of What to Teach, When to Teach, & How to Teach using Common Core Standards

In this module, you will become the master of breaking down reading & math standards, when to teach them and how to teach them. You will finally understand all the "teacher terminology" (that makes your head spin 🤯).

Module 4: Developing lessons with confidence

Discovering How to Increase Rigor & Differentiation so that Engagement Occurs Automatically

It's time to start working SMARTER and not HARDER! This module is all about simplifying the lesson planning process yet still planning for rigor, differentiation & engagement.

MODULE 5: Planning for independence

Discovering the Quickest Way to Planning Engaging Activities with Ease

In this module, you will master how to keep lessons & activities FRESH while you do LESS! That's right... Simplicity leads to mastery and this is where you learn the secrets to facilitation.

Module 6: Developing Ongoing Engagement

The Sneaky way to Keep Children Motivated to Learn while You Plan Activities with Ease

CHEERS! In this module, you will be equipped with all the tools you need to keep your effective & systematic approach to creating engaging lessons run with ease.


2 Monthly Membership interactive Support Calls

Take the guesswork out of what to do next. In addition to the monthly PD training, a Networking Mastermind call and an Interactive Fun Q & A call is offered.

($1,392 VALUE)


Entire library VAULT of Reading TRAININGS

No need to wrap your brain around reading best practices because I'm giving them to you! You get first access to ALL reading trainings, including cohorts.

($497 VALUE)


Entire growing vault of digital products & tools

Monthly digital games, posters, worksheets, & curriculum documents. Giving you all the tools you need to successfully teach reading without burnout.

($147 VALUE)


10% off all physical products

For a Limited Time Only , I am offering 10% off all physical products such as merch and done-for-you interactive learning boards & binders!

($47 VALUE)

When you join, you'll get:

1) Instant Access to the Complete Teaching by Design System

($297 Value)

With teaching, there are so MANY moving pieces. ​It’s time to take action & shape the future! In this self-study course, I provide you with dozens of short, actionable videos so that you can design a teaching system where you will start seeing results as quickly as possible.

You get everything you need to create math and reading common core lessons with ease.

2) Vault Complete Interactive Read Aloud Training 

($97 Value)

Interactive read alouds are the key to developing reading strategies in children, especially pre-reading strategies. You will be a MASTER at creating quick, engaging reading lessons using books and resources that you already have.

3) Monthly Membership Reading Professional Development Trainings

($3,528 Value)

Looking for support? Come join us in our incredible monthly reading PD trainings! You'll get exclusive access to all current and relevant reading best practices such as close reading, fluency, sight words, science of reading, decoding & comprehension strategies along with the tools needed to easily implement the strategy of the month into your classroom. Here, you can get any of your questions - big or small - answered. We can't wait to connect with you!

4) 4 hour professional Development Certificate 

($47 Value)

Time to celebrate your accomplishments! Show off your certificate of completion to all of those around you once you master your new teaching system and can create engaging, Common Core aligned lessons with ease.

5) 25 Done-for-you templates +  worksheets 

($397 Value)

Because I love to share, you'll get access to ALL of the templates & worksheets so this transformation can be as simple as possible.

Plus! These Templates are EDITABLE Allowing You To Customize Them.


Finally! You can have an experienced Curriculum Specialist hold your hand through this Entire Process!

Struggle with self-study courses and want an accountability partner to walk you through step-by-step? This is the perfect solution. 👌🏽

What about the Teaching by Design course & membership? Well... You get instant access to the entire course plus all the monthly membership bonuses too! ...

I get it, sometimes you need that extra support. Someone who can walk you through the process step by step. A CHEERLEADER! Someone who can listen to your needs and provide actual solutions to your problems.


When you get tbd + 1-1 consulting, YOU'LL GET: 

TBD Program + bonuses

That's right! You will have access to the Teaching by Design course PLUS all of the monthly calls, discounts & digital products.

($6,449 VALUE)

Monthly 1-1 Consulting call

The key tool to any goal is the accountability to do what's right and someone who can walk you through the process step-by-step.

($1,575 VALUE)

Quarterly Challenges + 1-1 feedback 

Participate in fun challenges and get professional eyes on your lessons and so much more.

($884 VALUE)

24/7 Access to Me via voxer

Hit me, beep me, if you wanna reach me! (showing my age lol) Communication is what makes accountability successful.


All Monthly Coaching calls are Customized to fit your Individual Needs and can be Adjusted

Plus! 24/7 Access to me during our time together.

why work with me? Success leaves clues...


Total value: $6,449 USD  


But you can join today for just: 

membership ONLY

 monthly payments of $47



➤ Receive 2 Months FREE when you pay for 1 year! 

membership + 1-1 CONSULTING

monthly payments of $197



 Receive 2 Months FREE when you pay for 1 year! 

“Teaching by Design is more than just a reading system, it's a whole experience!"

"TBD has helped me analyze and shape my thoughts on reading success today and reading theories / beliefs that I learned in college. I am encouraged and more intentional with my teaching techniques as I create more games / activities to use in my virtual classroom. I am learning and building tried, tested, & true activities and best practices that actually work in teaching reading for success in young children.

This program is based on state standards and teaches me to understand them with ease. It is an effective application that can be automated and make my teaching life easier than ever. This system has reignited my passion for teaching and excited me to tell others about it. It has so much value and so many useful freebies. It has taught me how to write a more effective, fun lesson plan in less time, giving me time back to do other things.

No more long drawn-out, dreaded, boring weekends of planning. I am done with that! I am teaching smarter not harder and with more confidence and success.  Principals, parents, and students are happy and so am I. I am teaching by design!

Pre-Kindergarten - 5th Grade Virtual Teacher

Working Pre-Kindergarten Mom

“We created a weekly schedule for at home learning!"

"What I liked most was was the weekly schedule, this helps me a lot because I have an idea of what we will work on and it will keep me consistently on schedule... This includes story time; I definitely noticed a change in my daughter right away after implementing the interactive read alouds. We incorporated many hands-on activities; she loves the letter scavenger hunt!”


"Before, I was struggling with juggling working from home and consistent learning time for my 4-year-old."


"Now, my daughter is so excited and eager to have learning time. With 3 days of explicit teaching, she is now able to interact and comprehend during story time. This also helps her with structured independent time.”

“This is Great Aja!
...But What IF I Don’t Have the TIME in my schedule to do these elaborate  LESSONS?!”

This is about the time where you might be saying, “Yeah Aja, but I don’t even have time. My blocks of time are only 20-30 minutes. Shouldn’t I just stick to what I'm doing?" NO.

If I were to hand you the "perfect" reading lesson (there is no such thing as a perfect reading lesson), nine times out of ten, you wouldn't have the time to actually teach the lesson. Most people waste so much time and money trying to create the “perfect” lesson with all these bells and whistles. THEN... they teach the lesson and never get to all the activities. Sound familiar?

...but how do you even squeeze in engaging reading activities in the little time that you have?!

(that’s the beauty of Teaching by Design?)

When you create an effective schedule first, you block off how to maximize the instructional time that you can teach a skill.

...and then you create an engaging lesson that matches that time frame!

This is why in Teaching by Design, I start with maximizing your instructional time first. THEN... I show you how to make the most of your current schedule with simple activities and quick lessons that are designed for mastery of standards.

"Wait, Aja! are you saying this training doesn't just help create better lessons...
...it helps create more effective daily schedules, too?!"

Yes. That's EXACTLY what I'm saying. 😎

Did you know...

Not Enrolling in Teaching By Design will cost you...


Not knowing how to create effective lessons is costing you HOURS each and every week

Claim your life back!


Don't be like the average person spending $15,000 simply on buying activities from online resources.

Save your coins sis!


Not knowing how to create high performing lessons is at the expense of your students.

Shape the future girl!

Full-time Homeschool Mom

“Joining Teaching by design was the best decision i ever made!"

"My son is now learning how to recognize letters and numbers. Now, he enjoys storytime, he loves math, he is enjoying writing his letters and numbers and really enjoys Khan Academy. 

What I loved most about Teaching by Design was that Aja is very detailed with the course she gives you a lot to learn. I enjoy learning from her. 

Try Teaching by Design. By taking the course and having a great teacher, I now understand how to teach and make teaching fun. Aja was God sent.


"I didn't know what to teach, how to teach or when to teach. I was lost and didn't know where to begin. I was struggling with how to engage my son to learn. I was struggling with confidence and staying on track."


"Now, I know what to do with my son. I am so gratefulI learned a lot from Aja, and she help me gain confidence.

There has never been a better time to start working smarter, and not harder...

Don't put it off another day.

Start now, and you will finally:

➤ Have a quick planning system that works

➤ Be equipped with all the tools and support you need to increase reading achievement

➤ Know what to teach, when to teach, where to teach, & how to teach reading (WINNING! 🏆)

➤ Have a bank of fun & engaging activities & scripts to just plug into your lesson

If you don't act now, nothing will change.

6 months from now, you’ll still be overwhelmed, and you'll wish you had started today!

“I feel like i'm on the winning team!!!!!!!”

“Aja saved my life. I was becoming burnt out and contemplating returning to middle school because the workload was TOO GREAT as an elementary school teacher. Now, I’m excited that I have SYSTEMS in place that will allow me to teach with fidelity.”

"In this program, I have become knowledgeable and confident to teach concepts with a rinse and repeat method. In the trainings, I love how there are always multiple options to fit everyone’s classroom needs. I’m excited everyday that everything has already been planned out for me. I just need to teach it. WIN WIN!!!! "

Fourth Grade Teacher

Total value: $6,449 USD

monthly payments of only $47

➥ Access to the Teaching by Design System

➥ 20 Done-for-You Templates & Worksheets

➥ Reading Trainings & PD Certificate

➥ 2 Monthly Interactive Support Calls

 Monthly Access to ALL Reading Trainings

➥ 10% Off All Physical Products 



➤ Receive 2 Months FREE when you pay for 1 year! 


Email me at [email protected]
 and I'll help you decide if this program is right for you!

Kindergarten Teacher

“I was able to earn higher scores on my evaluations and my student's reading scores and levels increased over 50%!”

"For the first time in 20 years, I received a low score on my teacher evaluation. I was ashamed, hurt and disappointed. I then started working with Mrs. McNair. She was innovative, caring and very knowledgeable of the curriculum. She took out the time to model how to teach.  After being trained, I earned higher scores on my evaluations and my students reading scores and levels increased over 50%. I know that Aja McNair is a great teacher, encourager, and does all these things with fidelity and a positive attitude."

membership ONLY

 monthly payments of $47


➥ Access to the Teaching by Design System

➥ 20 Done-for-You Templates & Worksheets

➥ Reading Trainings & PD Certificate

➥ 2 Monthly Interactive Support Calls

 Monthly Access to ALL Reading Trainings

➥ 10% Off All Physical Products 






➤ Receive 2 Months FREE when you pay for 1 year! 

membership + 1-1 CONSULTING

monthly payments of $197


➥ Access to the Teaching by Design System

➥ 20 Done-for-You Templates & Worksheets

 Reading Trainings & PD Certificate

 2 Monthly Interactive Support Calls

 Monthly Access to ALL Reading Trainings

➥ 10% Off All Physical Products 

➥ Monthly 1-1 Consulting Sessions

➥ Monthly Challenges with 1-1 Feedback

 24/7 Access to Me via Voxer

 Kick Off Goal Setting Consultation Call


 Receive 2 Months FREE when you pay for 1 year! 


Think about all the time you will save

All the stress you're avoiding

and the impact you will have

membership ONLY

 monthly payments of $47


➥ Access to the Teaching by Design System

➥ 20 Done-for-You Templates & Worksheets

➥ Reading Trainings & PD Certificate

➥ 2 Monthly Interactive Support Calls

 Monthly Access to ALL Reading Trainings

➥ 10% Off All Physical Products 






➤ Receive 2 Months FREE when you pay for 1 year! 

membership + 1-1 CONSULTING

monthly payments of $197


➥ Access to the Teaching by Design System

➥ 20 Done-for-You Templates & Worksheets

 Reading Trainings & PD Certificate

 2 Monthly Interactive Support Calls

 Monthly Access to ALL Reading Trainings

➥ 10% Off All Physical Products 

➥ Monthly 1-1 Consulting Sessions

➥ Monthly Challenges with 1-1 Feedback

 24/7 Access to Me via Voxer

 Kick Off Goal Setting Consultation Call


 Receive 2 Months FREE when you pay for 1 year! 

Money back guarantee + JUST Cancel Anytime

I believe wholeheartedly in the Teaching by Design program that once you receive instant access, if you don't think this program is right for you, simply email me within 48 hours of your purchase and get your money back.

Therefore, you have a 48 hour money back guarantee plus the ability to cancel your membership at any time.

So, there's literally NO RISK!

✰ You'll receive an exciting email welcoming you into the program!

✰ You will have INSTANT access to the Teaching by Design course.

✰ We will meet 3 times a month LIVE on Zoom for our group interactive support calls & Reading PD trainings.

✰ You'll receive INSTANT access to an entire vault of researched-based reading trainings AND membership to the LIVE upcoming 6-week masterclass, Syllable Boot Camp, that kicks of on October 11.

✰ You'll receive monthly access to new digital games, posters, worksheets, & curriculum documents.

✰ If you invest in 1-1 consulting, we will have a kickoff call where we will determine our meeting schedule based on your availability.


In CASE There's Anything I Missed, Here are SoME Commonly Asked Questions!

Meet your Teacher...

I teach teachers (and homeschool moms) how to create engaging & effective reading lessons with EASE. 

As a former curriculum specialist, administrator, and Title I teacher, I have mastered how to leverage strategic planning to save timeautomate instruction & increase reading achievement with ease.

So, if you’ve ever felt overwhelmed teaching reading, felt that it was too stressful or too far outside your zone-of-genius, you’re in the right place.

Through my simple, step-by-step trainings, you’ll learn how to make your classroom as effective and engaging as it can be - no matter your starting point.

If there's one thing I want you to remember, it's this: 

Trust your gut!

If you've read this far, I have a feeling this program could be exactly what you need. So don't second guess yourself.

If you're worried you're not ready yet, or aren't 100% convinced Teaching by Design is the perfect fit - reach out to [email protected].

I'll be totally honest about whether I think this program will help you with your next phase of your teaching journey.

You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

So what are you waiting for?


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