Unleashing Creativity: Fun Learning Game to Master Blends

Mar 21, 2024


By Aja McNair

Recently, my daughter and I came up with a fun and engaging learning game to help with mastering blends. As a parent and educator, I understand the importance of making the learning process enjoyable and effective for children. I want to share with you the game we created and how it can benefit young learners.

Creating the Blend Learning Game

We started by gathering blend flashcards from my online store and labeled baskets with different blend sounds such as BL, CL, and more. The goal was to help my daughter recognize blend sounds before moving on to more complex activities.

Engaging in Blend Recognition & Step-by-Step Instructions

The game began with a simple task of identifying blend sounds to test recognition skills. Once my daughter mastered this, we moved on to the fun part of the game. I provided words starting with the initial blend, and she had to throw balls into corresponding baskets, creating a mini basketball game with an educational twist.

The game involves:

  1. Labeling baskets with different L blends, like BL, CL, etc.
  2. Identifying blend sounds by asking the child to recognize the blend sounds by itself and/or the initial sound in words like: glass, plaza, blend, blow, slow, etc.
  3. The child throws balls into corresponding baskets for words that start with the initial blend to make learning blends a playful and interactive experience.

Benefits of the Game

Not only did this activity reinforce blend sounds, but it also turned learning blends into a playful and interactive experience. Through this game, my daughter's blend recognition significantly improved, showing how a simple game can transform a learning challenge into an exciting adventure.

Recommendation for Parents and Educators

I highly recommend parents and educators to explore creative ways to make learning fun and engaging for children. Using games and interactive activities can enhance learning outcomes and create memorable experiences for young learners.

If you're interested in trying out the blend flashcards or other educational resources, feel free to check out my online store or Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) store. Remember, turning learning into a fun adventure can have a lasting impact on a child's educational journey.


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