"Boost Your Students' Test Scores with Fun Classroom Games"

classroom games Mar 31, 2023

by Aja McNair



In this blog post, we will explore three different classroom games that can help children prepare for their state standardized tests. These games are perfect for third, fourth, or fifth-grade classrooms.

Balloon Pop Relay Race

The first game is a balloon pop relay race. To set it up, give each student a worksheet with questions on it. Cut out the questions and put each one inside a balloon, which you then blow up, tie off, and tape to a whiteboard or wall. Divide the class into teams and give each team something to pop the balloons with. One student at a time from each team will go to the board, pop a balloon, and answer the question. Once all balloons have been popped and all questions answered, the team with the most correct answers wins.


Flashcard Relay Race

The second game is a flashcard relay race. Divide the class into teams and give each team an equal number of flashcards with vocabulary or math problems on them. Put the stack of flashcards on one side of the room and have the students line up on the opposite side. Each student runs to the other side, picks up their first flashcard, and yells out the correct answer. You check the answer, and if it's right, they run back to their team, and the next person in line takes a turn. The game continues until one team has finished all the flashcards.


Flip Cup

The third game is called Flip Cup. Divide the class into teams and give each team the same worksheet or study sheet. Cut out the questions and number them. Each team needs one plastic silicone cup, and they play the game on tables or desks. The first person in line has both the numbered sheet and the cup. They flip the cup with their index finger and, if successful, grab a question and answer it. They write down the answer on the corresponding number on the worksheet and pass the cup and numbered sheet to the next person in line. The game is over when the last team finishes flipping the cup and answering all the questions. The team with the most correct answers wins.


In conclusion, these classroom games are a fun and engaging way to prepare students for state standardized tests. They help reinforce learning and build teamwork skills. Try them out and see how your students respond!

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