5 Cool Math Games For Building Math Fact Fluency

math games math tips Apr 20, 2022

Teaching basic math facts can be SOOOOO frustrating.

ESPECIALLY if you are trying to get kids to memorize basic math facts.


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I've been there, tying to teach the math standards and seeing that my kids just FAILED my assessment. 

I've been there pacing back and forth thinking what did I do wrong.

Am I a failure?


Let me tell you that you are NOT a failure, you just haven't learned the lesson that I learned. 

You see, if kids don't have their basic math facts mastered than they can't advance to higher level math standards. 

Let's be real for a second, if a child doesn't know 1 + 1, then you can't expect them to do a multi-step word problem because 9 times out of 10, they will FAIL

I teach students in my Teaching by Design program how to do just this, get children to master basic math facts so that they can advance to more complex standards with ease


Today, I'm spilling my secret sauce with you....


If you get kids to master their basic math facts, they will be successful as you advance to more advanced skills.


Well it's simple... Just like adults, when kids feel like they don't know something or they feel like a failure for answering a question incorrect, they give up. Perseverance hasn't developed in them yet. 

So, when they see that they missed something, they tend to shut down and stop trying and this is where YOU GET FRUSTRATED


>> The key to getting out of this toxic cycle is building their confidence with basic math fact fluency so as you advance to the complex standards, they will advance too.

Kids actually want to learn, it's up to you to motivate them.

So, how do you get children to master basic math facts? 

Well, it's simple. As I teach my students in Teaching by Design, you have to implement fun learning games so that children don't even realize the transformation you are taking them through.

Today, I'm giving you 5 Cool Math Games to build math fact fluency. These games are perfect for all elementary students no matter if you're teaching number recognition, counting, addition, multiplication or even fractions.

These games are PERFECT for you!