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If you're dreaming of ways to get your children to fall in love with learning by creating a fun, engaging and simple classroom, you're in the perfect place.

With over a decade in education, I've been able to take the knowledge I've gained as a teacher and a curriculum specialist to help teachers like you teach their children to increase their readiness by falling in love with learning.

I absolutely love talking about readiness, engaging activities, teaching strategies - you name it! I continuously use my experiences and  share everything about my own journey as an educator because my number one goal is to help you learn from my experience so that you can find the courage to take action with your child, and create a life-long learner with a firm foundation and no limits.


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"For the first time in 20 years, I received a low score on my teacher evaluation. I was ashamed, hurt and disappointed. Mrs. McNair was given the task to train me on small group teaching. She was innovative, caring and very knowledgeable of the curriculum. She took out the time to model how to teach small groups in both reading and math. She helped me to interpret my data to form groups, modeled best practices with small groups and provided me with great resources.

After being trained on small group instruction, I was able earn higher scores on my evaluations and my students reading scores and levels increased over 50%. I know that Aja McNair is a great teacher, facilitator, administrator and encourager. She does all these things with fidelity and a positive attitude."

"I have worked with Aja since I started teaching. Over the years, she has guided me with strategies on ways to connect and get my students engaged. I was used to students who just sat down and listened. When I met Aja, I was so intrigued with all her engaging fun activities that she did with her students. As she shared with me how to do hands on activities and even guided reading (she's the guided reading and close reading guru) I developed tremendously as a teacher. I knew her strategies worked when I watched my students advance grade levels in reading.

To other teachers, I would say to soak up as much as you can out of her from differentiated activities and choice boards to digital Nearpod lessons. She's truly been my go to administrator over the years."


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