🔴  Save Planning Time


🔴  Build Your Ideal Strong Classroom Community


🔴  Build Peer-to-Peer Friendships Amongst Students that will Increase Social Skills


🔴  Build Peer-to-Teacher Relationships that Will Allow for a Successful School Year With Discipline


🔴  Transition New Students into the Classroom and School Environment

"Teaching at a new school this year makes me nervous and I want to make a good impression on my students. With the click of a button, I was able to get enough classroom activities for the first week of school. Now, I can make a good impression on my students and I didn't have to stress making it happen"

Icebreaker Games will establish your classroom community by building peer-to-peer and peer-to-teacher relationships. 

Build Relationships, Establish Your Community.

Aja McNair has always been my #1 resource for classroom engagement.

"Teaching students with special needs has its challenges beyond disabilities. Because my students are expected to do grade level work that is difficult for them, they often shut down. Everything Aja has shown me ways to engage my students so that I can avoid the shut down with my students. Aja has shown me how to create an engaging classroom through fun games and powerful instruction. This type of engaging classroom starts on the first week of school. I'm excited to start yet another school year with some intentional classroom games."

Here's Why You Can't Afford to Ignore Back to School Classroom Games


I've seen it happen time and time again...The moment someone embraces the power of engaging games, their classroom LITERALLY takes off!

Consider the following facts:

Icebreakers allow for children to Share their Ideas and likes thus setting them up for Classroom Participation

Classroom Games create a Relaxed Environment that allows students the opportunity to participate thus preparing them for Collaborative Group Work

Classroom Icebreakers help Build the Student-to-Teacher Relationship thus fostering a Productive Learning Environment

Back to School Icebreakers allows children to take Ownership of the Classroom Environment thus building Accountability

3 Common Myths that STOP Most Teacher from Getting Started with Classroom Games

"Classroom IceBreaker Games are embarrassing and isolate introverts"

Sure, if students were made to individually share unique facts about themselves they could feel isolated. However, not all icebreakers make children go through this daunting experience. The games in this bundle allow for students to share things about themselves while moving around the classroom or holding up signs. Therefore, ALL students are moving and interacting at the same time and NO CHILD IS SINGLED OUT!

"Back to School games take time away from teaching & establishing rules/routines"

If you are spending all day doing icebreakers and don't have time for classroom routines, then you are implementing icebreakers incorrectly. You don't need more than 1 HOUR PER DAY to build relationships through games. The back to School Icebreakers in this bundle are intended to be SPRINKLED ACROSS THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF SCHOOL. This will allow you all the time you need to teach and establish classroom routines.

"Icebreakers are corny and frustrating"

The intended goal of icebreakers is to build a rapport and help establish relationships between people. As teachers, we are naturally corny by design. (Have you seen all the acronyms we come up with? LOL) It's not icebreakers that are corney and frustrating but how they are PRESENTED to children. Be creative and just make it FUN!

Only one question remains...

What are YOU doing to build a classroom community full of healthy relationships?



Introducing the


IceBreaker Games Bundle



Save Time on Planning, Create Engaging First Week of School Activities & Build your Ideal Classroom Community with  these 6 BACK TO SCHOOL Get to Know You Icebreakers

Video Poster Image

Inside this Epic BACK TO SCHOOL ICEBREAKER BUNDLE, you'll get:

This or That Digital Icebreaker

Build peer-to-peer and peer-to-teacher relationships by answering these would you rather questions by moving around the room or holding up This or That signs.


Search N' Find Digital Icebreaker

Allow your students to exercise their brain muscles as they search for school supplies in order to start school. 


Get to Know You Scavenger Hunt BINGO

Allow your children to get to know their classmates AND their classroom as they play these Scavenger Hunt get to know you game.


Let's Move Digital Icebreaker

Students will answer simple questions about themselves by moving around the room or simply touching their nose.


4 Corners Digital Icebreaker

4 Corners is the perfect solution for getting kids moving around by answering questions about their favorite things. 


Where is? Classroom Scavenger Hunt

This game allows students to explore their new classroom as they go on a scavenger hunt finding classroom materials.


But Wait, There's More!


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For less than a meal, you can Save Time on Planning, Create Engaging First Week of School Activities & Build your Ideal Classroom Community with these 6 BACK TO SCHOOL Get to Know You Icebreakers

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